The Heritage Park, Blackhill

Nearby is the local park. Sadly, the local council, when they opened the special car park for the use of those wanting to visit the park, never bothered to put any road signs up. The car park is shown here.  There has been a large notice in place for over a year, if you look really hard, you can see the clear and concise instructions to the car park, at the bottom of the sign. The lettering could be a little clearer, and it would help if the workmen had missed the letters with the fixings.
What a shame that it is obscured by the wall and fence from the view of those parking cars!

That was last year. Today I saw a small child nearly killed because he tried to run across the road to get to the Bouncy Castle in the park.

The council are not putting themselves out to save children's lives.

You can help by pestering the council and others, here are some phone numbers and links to get to those in power.
Telephone Number
Dave Lewin
Durham County Council
Road Signs
0191 332 4400
David Llewellyn
Derwentside District Council
01207 508821
T Clark
Derwentside District Council
01207 500701
Michael Malone
Derwentside District Council
01207 505640
John Davies
Durham County Council
01207 505880
Sonny Douthwaite
Durham County Council
Chair, Highways committee
01388 602671
Joe Knox
Durham County Council
Vice Chair. Highways Committee
0191 388 7646
The Right Hon. H. Armstrong, M.P.
The people of NW Durham
01388 767065