Updates as of  19/8/2003

At last, we now have some Signs pointing to the car park as shown on the map here.

Once again, the council have failed to address the issue properly, the sign is hidden by the tree growth, a stroll along the road will eventually show up the sign, not in easy view from the driving seat, even if the driver has managed to keep within the speed limit.
If you look very carefully, you still cannot see the sign from here, even from a position in the road.
Past the bus stop, on the way along to the Cricketers and still no easy view of the sign
Surely you can spot it now?
All they need to do is paint it green and we will never see it again.

All the cars are still parked around the park entrance, there are two reasons. Have a look here to see the dreadful parking that will soon cause an accident.
The car is parked far too close to the corner and too far from the kerb. The police were contacted but nothing seems to have been done.
Families have had to take their pushchairs around this car onto the road to reach the park.
A bowler who could not be bothered to walk the extra few yards left this one.
Once one car parks on the pavement, it would appear that it is OK for all others to follow suit!
White Van Man strikes again.

 There are more than a few members of the bowling club across the road who feel that they do not have to use the car park as it is more convenient to block the road.